Muddy x Belle Pups

Born January 25, 2013



Pups at three days old


Pups at 8 days old


Chocolate girls

Chocolate boy

Black girls. Sadly, we lost the fifth girl at three days old. Her digestive tract wasn't fully developed.

Black boys


Pups at three weeks old

Black Girls

Chocolate Girls

Out of the whelping box for an adventure

Black Boys



Pups at 4 weeks

Three black boys

Four black girls

Two chocolate girls

Chocolate boy

Eating kibble


Pups at Five Weeks

When my friend Beth came over to help with photos, the pups were napping--so they look a little sleepy in the head shots!

NOTE: it is REALLY HARD to get standing shots of pups, so some are not properly posed.

Blue Ribbon Boy

Blue Ribbon Girl

Chocolate Boy

White Ribbon Chocolate Girl

Yellow Ribbon Chocolate Girl

Green Ribbon Boy

Yellow Ribbon Girl (no ribbon!)

Orange Ribbon Girl

Red Ribbon Boy

Red Ribbon Girl

Pups art 6 weeks--short trip outside between rain and next snow storm








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