Available Adult Dogs

Occasionally we have adult dogs that we want to place.

For many potential owners an older, trained adult is a better fit than raising a puppy.

Sometimes it may be a dog retired from our breeding program that we place in a pet home or companion hunting home. There is a reasonable adoption fee.

Sometimes they are young females that we want to keep in our breeding program a little longer but want them to have the benefits of a family environment between litters. When these females are placed, they must be within a short driving distance from Critter Creek Farm and our veterinarian. We will pay for all routine veterinary care at our veterinarian during the foster phase. If the foster family is not prepared to care for a female in heat, Critter Creek will house her free of charge during the heat cycles where she is not bred. When we want to breed her, Critter Creek will take her back for breeding and whelping, then return her to her home after the pups are weaned. She may stay with her foster family during the pregnancy. After her final litter, she will be spayed by our veterinarian and ownership signed over to her foster family. There will be an adopion fee (usually cost of spay).

If you are interested in an adult dog, please contact us to see if we have any adult dogs available.


12/23/2020 Pitch Available for Adoption

Click here to read about Pitch. She is sweet, VERY high energy, loves to retrieve.

She needs a home where she will get tons of exercise.





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