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Warranty and Terms of Sale

Although none of us can truly guarantee that a puppy will not be afflicted with hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia or other hereditary diseases without direct genetic tests, we can warrant that we have bred only sound dogs and have researched the pedigrees to the best of our abilities.

Your Critter Creek Farm puppy comes with a 26-month warranty against hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and PRA-prcd.

It is up to you as the new puppy owner to take the newly arrived pup to your veterinarian within three business days of receipt of the pup for a "well puppy" check-up to make sure the pup is healthy, happy and sound at the time you receive the pup. Transfer of the pup's registration will be completed and sent to new owner after Buyer notifies Breeder that pup has been accepted.

If the pup is found to be unsound, or unhealthy at the time of arrival, the pup can be returned at your expense with a written explanation from your veterinarian along with all paperwork for a full refund of the purchase price.

All Critter Creek Farm puppies are sold with limited AKC registration. If the new owner is interested in breeding the dog at some point, the new owner must provide documentation of sound hips and elbows (as certified by OFA) and eyes cleared by a certified canine ophthalmologist. The owner must also achieve one of the performance titles specified [must complete at least an AKC Junior Hunter, HRC Started or AKC obedience title of Companion Dog (CD)], then Breeder will sign the form notifying AKC that registration should be changed from Limited to Full.

The Critter Creek Farm warranty of a full or partial refund will be honored when the following conditions have been met:

1. You will inform Critter Creek Farm in writing requesting the Critter Creek Farm Warranty be fulfilled.

2. The dog must not be older than twenty-six months of age.

3. This warranty is offered to only the original purchaser(s) of the dog and is nontransferable.

4. The dog must not have produced offspring.

5. "CRITTER CREEK" must appear at the beginning of the dog's name when registered with the American Kennel Club.

6. Eye tests must be performed by a certified canine ophthalmologist before the dog reaches the age of 26 months. Eyes must be rejected by OFA for warranty to go into effect.

7. Hip x-rays and elbow x-rays must be performed after the dog turns 24 months and before the age of 26 months.

8. If hips or elbows are rejected by OFA, owner must provide the OFA rating and a copy of the images to Breeder for review. If the rating is mild or moderate dysplasia, Breeder will return 50% of the purchase price upon proof that the dog has been neutered. if the rating is severely dysplastic, Breeder will return full purchase price upon proof that the dog has been neutered.

9. Resolution of the refund must be completed within 30 days of notification, or other arrangements agreed upon in writing.

10. If the dog has been bred before being cleared OFA, this warranty is void.

If you cannot keep your dog for any reason, please contact me first. I want to make sure these dogs have the good homes they deserve.







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