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NOTE: We have all of our dogs cleared for hip displasia, elbow displasia, have annual eye exams by a certified canine ophthalmologist and have tested our dogs for the Centronuclear Myopathy gene (CNM) and the Exercise Induced Collapse gene (EIC). EIC and CNM can be potentially fatal in dogs that are affected. Identifying the carriers so informed breeding decisions can be made means we will NEVER produce an affected dog.

A carrier bred to a clear dog will produce NORMAL (non-affected) pups. Some of the pups may be carriers, but this does not affect their health or working ability. The pups that will be used in future breeding programs should be tested and breeding decisions made accordingly.


All of our pups are well socialized from birth. WE NO LONGER REMOVE DEW CLAWS. Click here to read why.

Shortly after birth, we start early neurological stimulation which has shown to improve the overall health, hardiness and confidence of pups. At seven weeks old, pups receive parvo virus and other booster shots as recommended by our veterinarian. Around six to seven weeks, our pups are microchipped, each with a unique letter/number combination.

Between seven and eight weeks old, the pups will be examined by a certified canine ophthalmologist. Eye exam results will be included in the health records received by new puppy owners.

Puppies will be introduced to feathers from five weeks on and will be worked with individually as well as within the litter. Based on the personalities and traits of the puppies, I match each puppy with the requirements of the prospective owners.

Our pups are usually priced at $1,800, depending on the pedigrees and titles of sire and dam. We do not accept credit or debit cards.

We no longer ship puppies. A great alternative to shipping is for you to fly to Spokane, WA and carry the pup back in the cabin with you. This is easier on the pup and gives you a chance to see where your pup was raised.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to pick your puppy up on the designated days (usually over a weekend), you need to notify me ahead of time to make arrangement for boarding the pup ($20 a day) plus any additional expenses such as shots or worming.

Right: Charlie and his new owner waiting to fly home to Nebraska.


See Upcoming Litters page for all 2023-24 planned litters


Repeat breeding of Russell and Lotto born July 17, 2021 produced nine pups. Click here for information.


Repeat breeding of Turbo and Fancy planned for spring 2019



Repeat breeding April 5, 2019. Pups due June 3, 2019.

These pups are sold.

Turbo x Fancy pups have arrived! Five pups born December 3, 2017

Click here for photos of first litter.

U-CH Intl CH WindyCanyon Y-Nott Brown UD BN RA TD JH AAP AJP AFP THDA CGC (Turbo

Turbo just earned his first Senior Hunter pass in May, 2019.   

Turbo has a classic Labrador temperament and tons of working abiliy, proving his trainabily

and performance in several venues including Rally, Agiliy, Obedience, Hunt Tests and Therapy.


Critter Creek More than Ducky, JH (Fancy) (three AKC SH passes and two Started HRC passes)

Fancy is cute, funny, smart and talented. She is out of our Muddy (Critter Creek Muddy Waters, CDX, MH)

and Mesa (Rozihills Mesa on the Horizon, JH). Fancy and Turbo should produce some excellent performance dogs

that will be a pleasure to live with. Contact us for more information.

Pups due June 3, 2019.







Muddy x Stella Spring 2018


Critter Creek Muddy Waters, CDX, MH

Muddy and Stella are very sweet, great house dogs, and great working dogs.

These pups will be excellent companion hunting dogs or hunt test/obedience dogs.

Click on their names to read more about Muddy and Stella.

This is a special breeding for us--there will be seven of our dogs in this pedigree and

it gives us the opportunity to re-capture a bloodline we lost when we lost Raven.



Critter Creek Stella, JH (Stella)

Black (By) female, 3/28/2011

Sire: Critter Creek's Raven Cajun, SH

Dam: Riorock's Whiskey N' Honey

Puppy pedigree

Muddy and Stella pups due in May 4, 2018.

This is a repeat breeding. Click here to see pups from last year.

Accepting deposits


Sam and Later pups Spring of 2017


Critter Creek Better Late than Never, JH (Later)

Later is sweet, funny and very intense in the field. She is third generation out of our foundation bitch, Scarlett.

We will be running Senior Hunter in 2017.

Click on her name for more photos and all her health clearances.



Intl Ch WindyCanyons Raising The Bar, CD, RE, CC "Sam"

Sam is a lovely boy who has proven himself in obedience and rally and he has been hunted over.

His offspring have excelled in obedience, agility, tracking and field (he has sired two Master Hunters).

Click on his name to go to his page and more information.

Sam and Later will produce handsome working pups that should do well in all venues.

Later came into heat Febuary 1, 2017, so pups will be due in April.

These pups will be chocolate. Accepting deposits.







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