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Critter Creek Muddy Waters, CDX, MH



Muddy at 6 years old. He has a lovely caramel eye and dark chocolate coat




Meredith and Muddy at Backwater Retriever Club September 11, 2010

Muddy titled on Saturday and had a clean test on Sunday for his 6th pass. My apologies to Muddy for being out of practice as a Master level handler--we would have gotten there quicker without my "handler errors"!


Special thanks to John and Nancy Miner, Miner's Kennel, for giving Muddy the solid foundation that has helped us succeed.




Muddy completing the high jump in a Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) competition.

He completed his title with one second place and two first place ribbons, earning his title February 8, 2014

Special thanks to Ruth (and Ben and Nola) for helping and coaching Muddy and me to a sucessful CDX title!



Here is a photo of Muddy standing perfectly stacked. You can see his lovely conformation and that gorgeous tail.



Critter Creek Muddy Waters, CDX, MH

February 8, 2014 Muddy finishes his CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) with two first place ribbons.

His first pass in November was a second place.

Critter Creek Muddy Waters, CD, MH

February 15, 2013 Muddy earns his CD in three straight passes

2010: Three MH passes in May and June

Fourth MH pass August 7 at Winnebago

TITLE at Backwater September 10-12, 2010

Muddy earned his SH in 2009 with five straight passes

Chocolate male, D.O.B.12/11/06


Mergansers Ferris Bueller, MH


Intl CH Critter Creeks Scarlett Gem, JH



Elbows LR-EL41732M24-PI NORMAL

Cardiac LR-CA7393/89M/C-VPI-ECHO

Eye exam clear 1/28/2016

EIC Clear

CNM Clear

Optigen PRA normal/clear

RD/OSD normal/clear

Dilute gene clear


He is 24.5 inches at the shoulder and weighs 85 pounds



Muddy at 26 months old




Muddy is athletic, strong, exuberant and a pleasure to train.

He is a great house dog and has an excellent temperament

Muddy having some play time



Muddy finishing his first Senior Hunter test with a nice pass!


Muddy at 11 weeks old






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