Females: Lotto Daisy Etta

Males: Muddy John Lee

Retired: Later Stella "B" Belle Fancy Pitch Chanel

Gone but not forgotten: Blue Scarlett Raven Ruby Stella Fortune Zippy Diva Audie Mesa Whiskey


Critter Creek Boom Boom Boom, JH (John Lee)

Born February 24, 2017

John Lee carries all three colors (BYC)

Sire: Critter Creek Muddy Waters, CDX, MH

Dam: Critter Creek Stella, JH


John Lee is a special boy. In additon to being out of our Muddy, he has seven dogs in his pedigree that we owned or raised.

On his sire side, Muddy, Ruby and Scarlett and on his dam side, Stella "B", Raven, Whiskey, Stella and Scarlett were ours.

OFA Hips:LR-239233E24M-VPI

Elbows: LR-EL-88780M24-VPI

Echo cardiogram normal 4/3/2019

Eyes clear at 7 weeks

Eyes clear4/6/2023

DNA tested for Macular Corneal Dystrophy and PRA

DNA tested for Retinal Dysplasia and Skeletal Dysplasia

Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) Clear

Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM) Clear

Dilute (DD) Clear

Photo taken at 11 weeks old




John Lee is learning the ropes from daddy Muddy.

John Lee is a special boy--he has seven of our dogs in his pedigree and his sire and dam both go back to our foundation bitch, Ruthless Scalawags Scarlett, CD, MH






Trying to get a standing shot of John Lee-hard to do with a wiggly pup!

First Duck Encounter at 16 weeks

Above: He figures it out. On right: "It's mine and I'm keeping it!

Below: Taking a Break but Keeping Duck Close






John Lee at 20 months old.





John Lee earned his first two Junior Hunter passes at the Sand and Sage Hunt Test in Othello, Wa September 28-29, 2019





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