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Critter Creek Better Late Than Never, JH (Later)


Born October 9, 2010

Erin's Edge Goose Ya Big Studd, MH

and Intl CH Critter Creek's Scarlett Gem, JH


Later has some of the most famous chocolate Labradors in North America in her pedigree:

FC, AFC, CFC, CAFC Pachanga Magnum force, CFC, CAFC Barracuda Blue, NFC, AFC Storm's Riptide Star and CH Plantiers Ruthless Ruthie, CD, MH

Photo taken at 11 weeks old


Later was a pleasant surprise--she was born 36 hours after the other pups!

She may have been born later, but she made it quite clear she was the stand-out in the litter.

It's a coincidence that she has a "zipper" down her nose, just like mom and her big brother, Zippy.

She is a fun, sweet dog who loves to work and keeps me on my toes.

Unfortunately, we had a four-year gap in her field training due to life circumstances. When we finally got back to training, I realized we had some

bad habits that would take more time and energy to fix than I was able to accomplish. She finished her career with one Senior pass and then retired.

Hips: LR-200508G24F-PI GOOD

Elbows: LR-EL56687F24-PI Normal

Eye exam10/2016 normal

PRA normal/Clear

RD/OSD Clear

Dilute Gene Clear

EIC clear by parentage: Ruby EIC Goose EIC

CNM carrier

(Note: carrier bred to a clear produces all normal pups NOT affected)

Three JH passes August/Sept. 2012

Later completed her JH at the Mid-Iowa Hunt Test June 1, 2013 and received a 5th pass on the 2nd.

Later at 3 years old. She has lovely conformation, a nice dark coat and dark amber eyes



Above and Below: Later at 13 months old



Later LOVES working in the water!

Photos taken August, 2011 when Later just turned 10 months old.



We had a chance to introduce 14-week old Later to water in February during our trip to Texas.

Left: Waiting to see what's going on.

Above: The pursuit (note bumper upper left)

Lower Left: The flip turn

Lower Right: Heading for shore




Later at 5 weeks


Later at 7 weeks






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