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 Critter Creeks Simply Stella CD, SH (Stella)

Black female, 7/19/98-12/18/2013

Out of Ruthless Scalawags Scarlett, MH, CD and

CFC, AFC CAFC Chugach Hills Jazz's Rascal


We said goodbye to Stella December 18, 2013 at 15. 5 years old. She was as sweet as they come, smart, funny.

We will miss her sweet face.

Stella at 4 years old

Black on the outside, chocolate in the middle!

Stella is a very handsome, square dog with lots of retrieving desire and excellent trainability.

OFA LR-117363G36F-PI Good

OFA LR-EL13880-PI Elbows Normal

Eyes cleared annually (CERF LR-40003/2005-68)

CNM Clear


Our first hunt test for the 2004 season was in Minnesota, at the Lake Country Retriever Club. There were 17 dogs in Stella's section of Senior Hunter, but only four passed. Stella passed and finished her Senior Hunter title! What a great start to our 2004 season.

At the October, 2003 Labrador Retriever Club National show in St. Louis, Stella received a Conformation Certificate designating that she meets the breed standard for conformation and Labrador traits/personality.

Stella earned three Senior Hunter passes in the summer/fall of 2003.

Stella earned two Junior Hunter scores in March, 2002 at the Bootheel Retriever Club, earned her third qualification April 21 at Mid-Illinois Retriever Club and finished her Junior Hunter title at the Rice Creek Retriever Club hunt test 5/18/02.

Stella finished her CD in two weekends, titling at the Mason City, IA show, 10/14/01


Down time on a hunt test weekend





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