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Critter Creek Muddy Waters, CDX, MH

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OFA Excellent hips

OFA elbows clear

Cardiac LR-CA7393/89M/C-VPI-ECHO

Eye exam clear 1/28/2016

Full Dentition

EIC clear

CNM clear

PRA clear/normal

RD/OSD normal

Dilute gene clear

Available to approved bitches

Frozen semen available


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Muddy is throwing pups with nice bone, good temperaments and lots of retrieving desire.


It has taken me over a year to be able to write this. We lost our beautiful, sweet Muddy in December of 2017 at eleven years old. He contracted a rare form of bladder cancer that only develops in 3% of the total canine population. It is supposedly caused by exposure to chemicals, but we have all lived together and drunk the same water for his whole life. Just rotten luck I guess, but that does not make it hurt any less.

Muddy was my second "once in a lifetime" dog. The first was his grandmother, Scarlett. They were both the epitomy of what a Labrador should be--beautiful, sweet, smart, affectionate, wonderful retrievers, eager to please and friend to all.

We see little bits of Muddy in his kids, Pitch, Fancy, John Lee and Lotto. That and all of our wonderful memories will keep Muddy with us.



Critter Creek Boom Boom Boom

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John Lee has two JH passes. He will be running HTs in 2020 for JH and SH


OFA Excellent hips

OFA elbows clear

Cardiac LR-CA7393/89M/C-VPI-ECHO

Eye exam clear

Full Dentition

EIC clear by parentage

CNM clear by parentage

PRA clear/normal by parentage

RD/OSD normal by parentage

Dilute gene clear by parentage

Available to approved bitches

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John Lee has a lot of his father's attributes--lovely temperament, good work ethic, easy to please. He is also gorgeous!


Bitch Requirements

•Proof of AKC or CKC full registration

•Three- or five-generation pedigree

•At least 24 months old

•OFA good or excellent hips (or Penn-Hip equivalent)

•OFA clear elbows (or Penn-Hip equivalent)

•Current CERF

CNM status (preferred)

EIC Status (preferred)

Dilute gene clear

•Negative brucellosis within two weeks of planned breeding

Addtional Preferred attributes

Performance title(s)

•Hunting experience

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Critter Creek is a registered kennel name with AKC.

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